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TR:Back to School Fall Connections

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Teacher's resources for this month's calendar:


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Educators Watch:

Now that school has begun the ringing of the bells, there are some excellent articles that are emerging for literacy success.  I will be posting these articles for your pondering during this fall season.  As a reader you have a few options for viewing articles online:


  • Click the article title and read it in real-time on your computer
  • Click the article title and save the link in your favorites for a later read (create a new save folder for professional articles - it's easier to bookmark and relocate)
  • Click the article and use the printer icon to print it out and read as a hard copy


Enjoy stretching your educational vision and instructional design:


If reading was an Olympic event, would boys get the gold? article  


Some publishing houses are to start "age banding" their children's books later this year. article


Is Google making us stupid as readers?  article


 Beyond Cut & Paste: Internet Researching  article


Online Storybooks: Helping Readers with the Fundamentals  article


Artifacts of Childhood: 700 years of Children's Books  article

If you enjoy being in the eduational "know," save this article site in your favorites folder: Web Watch   



HP has recently launched Teacher Experience Exchange, its online community by and for teachers. Log in to find and share lesson plans, develop your professsional and life skills, or participate in an online forum.


Get plugged in!    


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  Educator's Instructional Design Tools:

Resources is an important aspect for educators and on-line connections with other educators is one of the best 21st century options for our instructional design success.  Have you been looking for a way to ignite student interest with active participation?  Try some of these excellent themes and lessons, it only takes a few moments to scan these sites and locate inspiring examples then add your personal touch:


Beginning School Hints   Teachers sharing some quick ideas that might give this school year an exciting beginning.


New Teacher Welcome  Teachers as mentors... how to help bring collaboration to the newest staff member.


Extra Learning Time How to use those extra class time moments to keep students engaged in learning.


Educate for a Change: Imagine a classroom where.... this slide presentation is an excellent motivation for being the best educator you can be. Provides a link to the website. Check it out.


The Book Whisper  With Reading Rainbow ending its run, what can educators, parents, and principals do to keep reading a first in our students life?


eLearning  Education Week Spotlight provides a listing of articles that will inform you about the role of eLearning in todays schools.


Glogster: From Education World = a great resource for teachers about the tech use as a glog instead of a blog.


Freedom WritersGreat site for young adult voices = get them connected and they will run with their views and opinions. 


American's Foundation for Chess: First Move


Around the World Themes and Lessons 


 Leveling your Classroom Library


Best of History Web Sites: Links, K-12 lesson plans, teacher guides, interactive resources


Best Practices for Reading Workshops 


Connecting Students & Teachers around the World via Technology & Literature


US Constitution Day: September 17 


Co-teaching Connection: Lesson Plans & Suggestions


Creating Student Bloggers


C-Span Classroom: Civics & Government for Middle-High School Students


It's Elementary: Student Tech Tools


Library Songs


Mock Election Student Practice


Monologues for Children & Teens: A Reading Experience Beyond Books


National Geographic Photos of the Month


NEA: Read Across America Links & Lessons


Punctuation: National Punctuation Day Website 


Punctuation Play Time: Resources/Raps/Games


Signing for Children 


Success For All: Student achievement programs 


Teacher Tube: Instructional Videos


Willowdale Elementary Technology


World Wide Telescope: Science Explorations from the Universe to Earth


Texas Science Standards:

Science TEKS Adopted by the SBOE on March 27, 2009

The following documents show the language that was adopted by the SBOE.

Click on each item below to download a PDF.



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Student Autumn Readers

Adult Fall Finds

Librarian Fall Discoveries


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