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Fraction Action

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Welcome to your Fraction Action.....

 .......................Gaming site

To learn fractions is to learn about measuring and estimating with in the world around you.  You will be using fractions your entire life, on a daily basis.  You have used fractions since you were just a little more than 6 months old!  Yep, it's true. 

  • Consider a young toddler who tries to share a part of a cookie....what does that toddler do....that's right they break that cookie into two pieces and if need be they eat the bigger piece down until it's even (matches) the piece they are giving away. 
  • What about pizza parties?  Which slice do you take the biggest or the smallest? 
  • What if you were asked to cut an apple in half, how do you know what half the apple is?
  • Think about money.... what is a half of a dollar?  What would be half of $.50?  Would $3.50 be half of a $7.80 movie ticket?
  • Think about cooking..... you do not want to bake cookies and have them be rock solid?
  • There's always the problem of working on your car's engine and knowing how much oil will need to be added.  Or most importantly just how much gas will you need to buy to get to where you want to go.


Enjoy your fraction investigations....




Fraction Games

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Fraction Games and Decimal Games 

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LearningPlanet.com - Fraction Frenzy 

A free interactive game to practice matching equivalent fractions. ...

Parents and teachers: Access many more activities like this one by subscribing to LearningPlanet.com.


Math Games

Drag and drop the number or fraction to the matching shaded area.


Fraction Gaming

11 free online games! The games are based on our Fraction Lessons. Choose the game that you want to play! 


Fraction games and tutorials online 

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Factors: Connections 





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