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    Welcome Readers ! 

Library Nook
Welcome to MrsK's Library web page, it's a great place to investigate what might be behind that book cover. 

Enjoy researching Internet sites, reading book reviews and simply roaming for a “new” read ! 



Librarian: Knock knock.

Student: Who's there?
Librarian: Winnie.
Student: Winnie who?
Librarian: Winnie you going to bring back that overdue book, hm?

Check to see what's at your Library:  


Library_book : Magical library concept

What's new to our shelves?


Fiction or Nonfiction

Library_book : Open blank vintage book on wooden table 

Watch, Listen, and Read It

Library_book : Image of a boy open a shining book and amazed by its bright content

Making the reading connection...

Library_book : Wise owl sitting on books

Which books are winning which awards?

Library_book : Upstairs to the magic book land Stock Photo 

Just published...  

Library_book : A happy book cartoon character mascot illustration giving a double thumbs up

If you liked...then try....  


Student Research Links

Library_book : Funny robot lie and read book  Stock Photo

What is that word?


 Library_book : magic open book of fantasy stories

Visual Dictionary


2021 Washington Children's Choice 




Reader's "Can Do" Respectful Book Care Targets:

  • I will wash my hands before reading my library book
  • I will keep my library books out of the reach of little brothers or sisters or pets
  • I will protect my library book from any food, drinks, or rain
  • I will always mark my place with a book mark
  • I will not write in my library book
  • I will always keep my library book in my book bag or a safe location at home


One School, One Read Choices

Holy Enchilada! (Hank Zipzer Series #6) 


 The Surge (Storm Runners Series #2)


My Side of the Mountain



The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles, and Brain Teasers2014-2015 

Survival shelters in the woods


The Secret of the Ninth Planet







 Other "Must Read" Authors



Barnes & Noble Calendar: Check out the book club dates and author visits  


 Interesting NonFiction for Kids


Anytime is Storytime Online


Read All About It                   Read Kiddo Read  


 Library_book : Editable illustration of children reading and clambering over piles of books Stock Photo

Newsela          Today's News


“It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading.  Something that will stretch their imaginations-something that will help them make sense of their own lives and encourage them to reach out toward people whose lives are quite different from their own.”
~ Katherine Paterson ~


               MrsK Reading Blog              MrsK Writing Blog            

Sacred Hearts for Life Blog

Welcome to MrsK Books !                        

2009   Green Mt SD Library 

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the perfect month for reading and doing a bit of Internet discovery.  I will be linking and updating great instructional sites for educatorsLibrarians, and students for each month/season....so all you need to do is click the side links. Just choose which season/month and which type of a reader/age group you are and begin discovering inspirational insights, free downloads, and interesting out-of-the-house connections. 


For all readers of every age....book reviews are being posted as soon as I have turned the last page so enjoy discovering some of my newest picks.  Simply follow the links to the right and scroll until you see a book cover or title that is catching your eye.... 


Don't forget to add the page to your favorites for quicker access or if you are an educator/Librarian save the page link as an icon to your desk top.


Remember......check back often.....new postings will be listed weekly,


Mrs. K 



One Book, One Twitter Project: One Book to Rule Them All





Books We Can't Live Without.....


Open Library: Free Online downloads

Open Library Website


Examiner Back to School Guide




****** ******  


The Heart of a Teacher

Welcome Teacher Librarians and fellow educators:

Saving you time and keeping you informed about state and national changes will keep you in the loop, so please just copy any link or save any article to your professional files and pass them on to your staff.....

Teacher Connections       Librarian Connections 

 Who is harmed when Library funding is cut?   Just click on the books to learn more!     



 Simple Truths:


Daily Laughter for your Heart


Beautiful Quotes to Live By   


 Daily Blessings



 Playground Snapshots !




Photographer: Art Wolfe 



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