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Peak: Connecting Beyond the Pages

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Welcome to Smith's Peak


While reading Peak, you will be investigating a climber's world.  This reader pathfinder will provide Internet connections beyond the pages of Peak.  Every chapter will have vocabulary insights, extraordinary mountaineering bio's, famous mountain destinations and an insider's view as a climber in real time. Are you ready for life on the edge? 


   Enjoy searching for Roland Smith titles by clicking on the book's cover


There will be various literary assignments for this unit, the following is only the beginning of a great book investigation..........


  • Literary Journal:  You will be writing your literary thoughts in a first person voice as if you are Peak writing in his journal
  • Author Connections:  On Fridays, you and a partner will draft a question about the writing of Peak to the Author, this question will be posted on the class' literary moodle site in order to prevent duplications.  You will present your author's answer to the class once it is received  (moodle link remember to use the password "reading" to enter site)
  • K-W-L Chart:  Prior to beginning Peak's adventure, you will construct a chart that will be revisited throughout the reading
  • Venn Diagram:  You will investigate extreme mountain climbing during your daily assigned silent reading time.  You will creat a venn diagram comparing and contrasting your chosen SR book with this novel
  • Daily Literary Investigations:  During your LA block, you will need to set aside about 10-15 minutes to investigate this week's chapter investigations.  You will be give a form to fill in for your investigative reporting from this Wiki site.  This is great for you as a 21st Century learner because you will be learning how to respond to "real-time" learning explorations for your future courses in HS, it is also a great advantage because you can finish reading in class or later at home and get this work completed while it is fresh on your mind......a big Yahoo ! for new discoveries


Ready?  The first place to investigate is your destination, where are you heading and what will it require for you as a climber? Since the setting in this novel is Mt. Everest in Tibet, your first avenue of investigation is where in the world is Tibet and what does Mt. Everest really look like as viewed by those who seek to summit?



Click the picture for more information


Mt. Everest by climbers: http://mounteverest.net/news.php?id=17595


Everest News: http://www.everestnews.com


Imaging Everest: http://imagingeverest.rgs.org/Concepts/Imaging_Everest/-75.html


Tibet:  http://www.asianinfo.org/asianinfo/tibet/tibet.htm


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

 Novel Beginnings: 


Who is Peak?         Where does he live?          Who are his parents?           What does a literary hook mean?


Vocabulary Research:





Circling the Drain


Building your vocabulary occurs every time you are making meaning from print and/or symbols.  It is important for you to think about any new words that a reading has "planted" into your vocabulary data base (within your mind). 

  • What are these words? 
  • How can I use them in my future writing? 
  • What images will these new words invoke within my reader's mind?


Stepping back into the novel is an important reading skill.  It provides you with the opportunities to revisit what was just read, it helps you to confirm that you read a passage correctly, and it provides a deeper understanding between you and the author's intended meaning.


Vocabulary Check:

Step back into the book and locate these words follow the example below for each word.

Example:  ascent: pg.3, n., to climb

On your paper, find these words - page numbers - read for the meaning - check the dictionary for the word's language type


Search Pages 3-40













Search Pages 41-97






Advanced Base Camp







 Links beyond the Pages: Listed below are links for discovery.  During the week, you and a partner are encouraged to learn more about the life, the skills, the equipment, and the accomplishments/defeats of real-life climbers.  Every Friday we will have a "Mountain Climbing Camp Meeting" in which you and your partner can earn extra credit by researching and sharing your discoveries about the topics listed below.


NYC: New York City, New York, USA


Knots: Knowing how to tie knots is a critical skill for mountaineers.  How do you tie these knots that Peak uses, and in what situations would you use which knot?




figure eight

double fisherman


Banyan Tree: This type of tree is very well known throughout the world.  Read to find out why?  Why did the author choose this detail for the story?  What is the wood used for the bench that Sun-Jo and Peak waited upon?


Yeti: Peak refers to a few of the bodyguards as being "the size of yetis." Well, just why that connection to a myth?  Find out what a Yeti is and where the Yeti roams.

On the edge climbing destinations: Mountains to Summit:

Throughout Peak, as well as your silent reading investigations, you will be introduced to the names of mountain destinations around the world.  One "peak" is never enough, there is always one more "looming" in the sky that is calling climbers to summit, even if it might mean they die trying.  By yourself, or with a partner, pick one of these mountains and prepare a 5 minute presentation about this mountain and why climbers want to summit it.  Include the mountain's location, height, climbing stats/records, and what it looks like.  Reference what you used for your research, was it a book...magazine...InternetBring the resource in, others might want to investigate it as well.  If it is a link, I'll check it out for posting to this site.


El Capitan





Why is Kathmandu an important center for climbers?

Mountain Climbing Sites:

Climbing: http://www.gdargaud.net/Climbing

Hallucinogen Wall

Body Wax

Flingus Cling 

Who are the Sherpas on Mt. Everest?                 

Watch the video below for more information 

 Mountaineering Essentials:

  Famous Climbers: Who are they?  Why do they climb?

Who was T.G. Montgomery and why was his discovery so important to the lives of these mountaineers? 


Arlene Blum


Hub Pages: The Famous Climbers


Mountain Madness Guides


Women Climbers of the South Asian


Hillary & Norgay


Readings beyond Peak.......book list for further exploration


 Meet the author of the Everest series:  Gordon Korman



National Geographic Resources: 



Mountain Climbing Resource: Topic Lists: http://www.answers.com/topic/mountaineering

Mountain Zone: http://www.mountainzone.com 




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