Prehistoric Finds (pathfinder)


Dinosaur User Guide: A Pathfinder to Discoveries 

The KidsClick! Web search is maintained by librarians and has various web links that will help you search for information about dinosaurs:


Just click this link to the directory =


Discovery Pathfinder: Here’s How:   

·         Click on the “Dinosaur” link under the Science & Math heading

·         The dinosaur search screen will appear.  You will search through 4 listed sites and 1 of your own choosing.  Take notes in your journal about your new and interesting facts from each site (discover 3 facts per site).  Note the author and photographers names for your citations


1.    Click on the “Age of Dinosaurs” site 

Locate the “Dinorama Room” link and click

·         Choose one dinosaur picture from each of the time periods and click

·         Write down 2 interesting facts for each dinosaur at each of the time period sites

·         Click the back arrow to the search screen to continue  


2.    Scroll and click the “Field Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Exhibit” and click enter

Locate the “Interactives” link and click 

Locate the “Explore A Fossil Basin” and watch the virtual tour of finding a fossil

·         Click the back arrow to the search screen to continue


3.    Scroll and click the “Natural History Museum’s Dino Directory”  

Locate “In Your Country” (top navigational bar) and click

This site will show you how many dinos have been located in each country: locate “USA” and click

·         Click on any dinosaur picture to get the facts 

·         Click the back arrow to the search screen to continue 


4.    Scroll and click the “Dinosaurs At the Smithsonian” 

Locate one picture and click

·         Take note of the name of the photographer and photo number 

·         Tell why you picked that photo and what you observed

·         Click the back arrow to the search screen to continue


5.    Scroll and click the “Dinosauria On-Line

Locate the “Journal” navigational button (top left side)

·         Look for these terms in the article titles fossilization, amber, and raptor

·         Write a description about these terms and why they are associated with dinos

·         Click the back arrow to the search screen to continue  


6.    Scroll and locate one more site to investigate

·         Name the site

·         Tell what type of information the site had

·         List 2 new facts that you discovered  

·         Tell why you chose that site


7.    Exploring other sites: 

·         Dino Land Website 

·         Creation Evidence: Excavations  

·          Infoplease Encyclopedia search 

·         Dinosaur Illustrations and more

·         Zoom Dinosaur facts and games


Exploring Dinopedia and playing the Turf Wars Challenge


Visit the Fictional land of Dinotopia