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Space Explorations (pathfinder)

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Space Explorations: 21st Century Frontier Pathfinder


Choose at least one site from this list.  Remember to take notes as you are researching your topic and your hypothesis.  Create a data sheet for the Web site, copy down the site’s location (name) and its address.  If you branch off of the given site to a new connection, start a new data entry.


Enjoy these new frontiers:


1.      FIRST GOVERNMENT FOR KIDS:  Provides links to Federal agency kid’s sites, use the search word: Space.  Check out the NASA Kids and the NASA Observatorium (Image Gallery) sites.  http://www.kids.gov


2.      HUBBLE:  Learn about new Hubble discoveries with photographs of stars and galaxies.  Check out the Science Technology-Team Hubble link.  http://hubblesite.org


3.      *SPACE TODAY ONLINE:  Learn about everything “space” site, including machines-space stations-satellites-deep space technology and discoveries.  Check out the Astronaut link.  http://www.spacetoday.org


4.      THE NINE PLANETS:  Overviews of each planet and its moons.  Excellent images, sounds, and movies, as well as a multimedia tour of the solar system.  Search for your planet’s name.  http://www.nineplanets.org 


5.      VIRTUAL SCIENCE CENTER:  The Chabot Space and Science Center offers a virtual tour, a virtual planetarium, space photographs and excellent text discoveries.  http://www.chabotspace.org/vsc/links/links.asp?Q=Space%20Exploration


or http://www.chabotspace.org/VSC/default.asp


Check out the On-line Exhibits (Lunar Lander) which is a read & land interactive game: http://www.chabotspace.org/vsc/exhibits/default.asp 


6.      WINDOWS TO THE UNIVERSE: Learn about everything “space” site.  Search for your topic.  http://www.windows.ucar.edu


7.      WOMEN OF NASA:  Astronaut biographies and science investigators who are leading women into the fields of space, math, science, and technology.  http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/women/intro.html




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