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Spring Student: Bloomin' Discoveries

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 Welcome Spring Readers............


Our days are getting longer and spring is in the air, can you feel it?  Do you hear the birds chattering in the morning?


Tradition says that March comes in as a Lion and goes out like a Lamb.  Once the March winds blow in April showers we have May flowers.  With such a long standing tradition, this spring, I will locate reading discoveries that will provide outdoor investigations nonfiction connections, and very interesting calendar histories.


Even though you are spending more time out in the spring time sun........ spend 20 minutes a day investigating and learning beyond the classroom.  Making a habit out of learning will provide pathways for your future dreams!


Happy diggin's,

Mrs. K

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 Dr. Seuss "Read Across America" Celebration: 3/2 

Dr. Seuss Pathfinder 

  Daisy-Head Mayzie by Dr. Seuss    ISBN: 0-679-86712-0

Spring time in the imagination of Dr. Seuss can only mean that daisies are not planted in the ground.  This is a story of little Mayzie who one day begins to sprout dazies from the tip-top of her head.  Can you imagine, sitting in your classroom and a daisy begins to grow?  Enjoy this delightfully funny adventure, it's sure to "grow" on you.

  McElligot's Pool by Dr. Seuss   ISBN: 0-394-80083-4

"There might be a pool, like I've read of in books, Connected to one of those underground brooks!"  Have you ever wanted to wander into a place of imagination through a secret place?  I remember, within my garden, a quiet center surrounded with bushes and roses....that was my place of make-believe......and oh, how I ponder the what-if journeys that I could have discovered.  This book promises that your imaginary journeys can be realized once you begin to ponder the possiblities of what you might see.


   Iditarod: 3/6

Follow the lead team as the Iditarod is underway, start to finish!  Meet Gary Paulsen, the author of Hatchet, he actually has run a few of the Iditarod races and wrote books about his adventures with his sled dogs.


Official Iditarod Website 

Gary Paulsen's Iditarod Experiences                      Scholastic Iditarod Activities 


   St Patrick's Day:  3/17

St. Paddy's Online Fun 

Irish Stories and Legends                        Irish History and Images

  Fin M'Coul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill by Tomie De Paola   ISBN: 0-8234-0385-8

A silly folktale from Ireland, where little people are known to live and where giants shook the land as they wrestled.  M'Coul leaves the building of a stone walk way into Scotland when he learns that the giant Cucullin was on his way........to find him.  How will M'Coul every beat the strongest giant in the land?  Read on..........

Author's website

   Jack in the Green by Allen Atkinson   ISBN: 0-517-56594-3

In a tale of fantasy, you will learn of the time of Graylock.  The time between winter and spring.  Graylock's plan is to keep the world as is......."Spring will never return."  Yet, can spring be kept from bringing forth the beauty of new growth?  Images of this time trapped between these two time-frames is your journey within this book's cover.......


  St. Patricks' Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting   ISBN: 0-89919-162-2

Jamie Donovan doesn't think it's fair that he and Nell is being kept from walking in the ST. Patrick's Day Parade.  Even if he is small, he can get to the top of Acorn Hill.  With cultural illustrations by Jan Brett, all readers will be rooting for Jamie and Nell as they venture off with their own parade.

Author Interview

With March Winds............... ............ Kites are Flying  

  The High-Flying World of Kites by Ray Paprocki   ISBN: 0-87406-431-7

Learn all about the names and the art of flying kites.  This is a great time for crafting your own kite and racing out into the spring time sun to see just how high your kite will fly.  Enjoy this spring time research and go "fly a kite."

Kite Investigations 

   The Kite Fighters by Linda Sue Park   ISBN: 0-385-94041-9

While reading another book, I was inspired to learn more about the Korean Kite Festivals.  Did you know they even have Kite fights, well this great chapter book takes you into the life of two brothers who must find a way to win the annual New Year Kite Fight.  Fashioning a kite from paper, wood, and string isn't as simple as one would think.  Will the younger brother beable to use his talents to help his older brother win the battle?

Author's website

  The Most Beautiful Kite in the World by Andrea Spalding   ISBN: 0-88995-034-2

The weather has changed and it's "Perfect kite weather!"  Jenny is dreaming of flying the perfect kite from the local general store but costs more than what she has.  How can she get a kite ready before the weather changes again.  So many towns people will help Jenny create the "most beautiful kite in the world."


   Victoria Flies High by Becky Ayres   ISBN: 0-525-65014-8

"Victoria had great hopes of winning the kite-flying contest...until...."  Can the great Orsini Extraordinaire help Victoria when all things go wrong?  With humor and excitement this book is a fun read aloud for everyone.  Create your own Victoria kite once you know the secret.  Enjoy!

 With high-flying thanks to Ben and his creativity,

"Let's go Fly a Kite! 

Spring Vacation Book List

Just click on the vacationing Smiley to check in..............


 April Showers...........  Brings.........May Flowers 

  April Fools Day: 4/1:

A day for telling jokes and a few pranks, but be careful..... what goes around may come around to you!

   April Foolery                                                    April Fools Day Hoaxes                                                 Knock-Knock Jokes  

  Earth Day 4/20

Earth day is a day for exploring what you can do to make the world a better place to live.  There are so many great avenues for you to get involved, but you can begin by investigating what other students are doing around the world.  Check out some of these sites, look for a unique opportunity for your own "mark" on the world.......

7 World Wonders

Earth Facts                                                 EcoKids

Teens for Planet Earth

   Nature's Cycles                                           Kid's Astronomy

Woodlands Jr School Earth Facts 

  May at Last !   

 May 1: May Day: Activities        Cinco De Mayo: May 5:  Timed Word Challenge      

Mother's Day: May 9:  Resources       Memorial Day: May 31: History

  May 11-17:  Children's Book Week

Click on the picture for links to resources 



Jr. Master Gardeners


Kidsreads logo

Kids Read


Author Videos


Hubble Telescope


Star Search


Meet the Author


Military Connections


Meet the Youngest



Summer Reading


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Looking for a new title?  Try these links for those moments when you "just can't find" that right book: 

Anniston Library: Read ALikes 


Planet Esme Book Reviews (Gr. 3+)


YALSA Teen Reads for Young Adults


Shmoop: Literature Studies (HS+)


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Check into your Public Library for great February discoveries and book club options:

  Don't forget you can always put any title on hold at your local library just click the following Library link:

  • then locate the "Catalog" navigational button
  • enter the book's title and search
  • have your library card ready to put the title on hold (some library's will send the book to you in the mail)


Fort Vancouver Regional Library: http://www.fvrl.org

Camas Public Library: http://www.ci.camas.wa.us/library

Multnomah County Library: http://www.multcolib.org


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With full days back in school, you might need just some time to explore beyond your classroom, make the connection into a cyberspace classroom. These electronic pathfinders will ignite your engines and blast you into the safety galaxy of Internet explorations.

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