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Spring Vacation Bookings

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Spring Vacation Reading

is. . . . .

              Here !


  Yahoo !  A break......  Now what should I do ?


Well, there is always an adventure awaiting you in a book..........

                                         ..........so here are some vacation bookings just for you...... 

Spring Picture Books 

   Holly Pond Hill: Easter by Susan Wheeler    ISBN: 0-525-46827-7

A delightfully "sweet" poem about family preparations for the Easter gathering.  A must read for all ages.

Illustrator's Work

   From the Land of Barely There: Derby Downs by Stephen Cosgrove   ISBN: 0-88070-240-0

Is it wise for little bunnies to live above the ground?  Well Derby Downs thinks that is.  Just what adventures and dangers will these little bunnies find?

Meet the Author 

  Beatrix Potter Giant Treasury by Beatrix Potter   ISBN: 0-517-431211

What is Easter without Peter Rabbit?  Take a moment to meet some of Peter's friends with this great classic about Jemima Puddle Duck, Tom Kitten, Miss Moppet and so much more.

Meet the Author

Peter Rabbit's Home

   Spring Story by Jill Barklem    ISBN: 0-689-83058-0

Meet the mice of Brambly Hedge.  Over there, within those tangled roots, yes....right there.  Look! Can you see how busy this family is, especially since it is Spring and outings with picnics is on their list of things to do for the day.

Meet the Author

   Spring Green by Valrie M Selkowe   ISBN: 0-688-04055-1

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,"  what is a little duck to do when he can't find something?  Welcome to a "Happy Spring" party, everybody is invited and everybody is bringing something green.  What should little Danny bring?  Read this fun-loving adventure about spring beginnings.

   First Day of Spring by Sharon Gordon    ISBN: 0-89375-531-1

This first-start reader will inspire new beginnings with language and with the "seedlings" about this season.  The first day of spring is a very "special day."  You begin to "feel" the specialness of this season with each pages discovery.  Maybe it's a walk on your way to the fishing hole, or  could it be found in an border of "joyous daffodills?"  Is it possible that the singing of the birds lifts your joy to soaring heights?  A great introduction into the language of spring.

   A Garden for Miss Mouse by Michaela Muntean   ISBN: 0-8193-113-2

It's the beginning of April, time for planting those little rows of carrots or beans.  Even though it is exciting to get a garden growing, it can be a bit boring so.......why not sing a little ditty as you plant those neat and tidy rows, "Plant a little of this, and a little of that.  Cover the seed, and give it a ........"  Enjoy reading aloud this perfect "planting" story.

Meet the Author 

   Little Duck Lost by Erica Briers    ISBN: 0-525-47232-0

It's springtime and little duckling wiggles free.  Little duck fluffs "his feathers and peered at the wide world.  He peeped, but no one answered."  With delightful embossed illustrations, readers experience little duck's journey within the woods and into a farmyard with signs of spring everywhere.  This a wonderful read-aloud about friendship and finding your way home.  A must spring-time memory to be shared with all ages.

Meet the Illustrator

   Lucky Duck by Barbara deRubertis    ISBN: 1-57565-004-5

In this read-together story, fun is to be had as lucky duck learns how to run-stumble-bumb-and tumble.  This is a delightful tale which encourages fun word play.  Take a spring moment to play and have fun with this sure to be read over and over "joyous" tale of discovering your talents and child-like imagaination.

   Tales from Martha B. Rabbit by Shirley Barber    ISBN: 0-7607-2381-8

In three "frolicking" forest adventures you will meet Martha and her friends as the seasons unfold.  The author's delightful illustrations invites all readers into the business of life amongst forest creatures.  Little nooks and crannies around Martha's apple-tree house will spark fun stories within your heart and mind that are just waiting to bloom.

Meet the Author 

    Peggy Burton's Picture Book by Peggy Burton   ISBN: 0-85503-171-9

Introducing young readers to this classic author/illustrator is as important as introducing spring-time activities and joyous outings.  Burton's woodland creativity and details is unforgettable.  With abundant activity, these woodland creatures entertain and "plant" a few delightfully fun adventures for all young readers.  Stories within the story will entertain for long springtime moments of fun, laughter, and outside investigations.

   The Puddle by David McPhail    ISBN: 0-374-36148-7

With springtime comes those April showers, what better fun is there than bundling up in raing gear and heading out for an adventure with those amazing puddles.  You could consider sailing a boat with imaginary destinations.  And while you are discovering puddling fun, just what would various creatures be doing on a rainy day with a puddle just lying there on the ground?

Meet the Author/Illustrator

   The Secret Staircase by Jill Barklem   ISBN: 0-399-21726-6

Once again, the creatures of Brambly Hedge are up to some fun-filled adventures and amazing discoveries.  With hustles and bustle, Brambly Hedge is preparing for a mid-winter festival, so Primrose and Wilfred must find just the right outfits for the festival.  Where to look, why an attic of course!

Revisit the Author/Illustrator

   Witzy and Zoom Zoom  by Suzy Spafford   ISBN: 0-9643588-1-6

With quick and exciting energy, Witzy toddles away from napping in a basket into delightful adventures while chasing Zoom Zoom.  All of the sunny day adventures causes a bit of drowsiness and soon Witsy is lulled asleep with Mama's singing.  A perfect nap-time adventure which creates wonderful images to drift off to sleep with.  So much fun is to be had with any of Suzy's Zoo.  Enjoy a spring time of discovery with a few lullaby moments of serene bliss.

Meet the Author


   Chapter Bookings:

   The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie   ISBN: 0-316-01368-4

Meet Junior, he is a cartoonist who just happens to be part white and part Spokane Indian.  Wanting to be more than what the rez could provide, Junior decides to try a neighboring all-white school.  Let me tell you, Junior has more than his race against him.  Learn how he survives....... and becomes a writer of a National Book Award.  (MS +)

Meet the Author

   GreeHee: The Journey of Five by Michele Avanti    ISBN: 978-0-9779590-4-4

For a dragon who has never flown beyond his mountains, imagine what it's like to discover a new land beyond your home.  A land complete with giants, wizards, and dangerous adventures beyond your imagination.  (MS+)

Meet the Author 

   Edgar Font's: The Castle Tower Lighthouse by Patrick H.T. Doyle   ISBN: 0-9786132-0-1

Edgar Font and his grandchildren begin a journey, looking for a place for Edgar to haunt once he passes on.  Sounds simple, not!  Just what would you want on your list of places and necessities for living a peaceful existance beyond?  Even though Edgar has many unusual abilities, these mysterious adventures are quite the fun. (6th Grade +)

Meet the Author

  First in Space by James Vining   ISBN: 13-978-1-932664-64-5

How much do you know about the first astronauts in space?  This graphic novel will entertain and inform you about Betsy-Buddy-Minnie and many of the first chimps tested for NASA's first flight into space.  What was Ham's training like and what did the space center learn about sending a man into space?  Excellent choice for those moments traveling or just sitting around waiting for your parent's to get done.   (4th grade +)

Meet the Author

   The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman    ISBN: 0-545-13888-4

In this novel, you will be meeting the D Squad.  A group of fifth graders that you would never expect would hang around together.  But, what if you learned that there was a way to get top grades without ever doing homework again?  Of course sometimes the best of plans can get out of control.....   (4th grade +)

Meet the Author 

   IQ: Independent Hall by Roland Smith   ISBN: 0-545-13971-6

Have you ever considered that you might just be smarter than the adults around you?  What if you were able to travel the world and become a member of the US Secret Service?  Well join Q and Angela as they begin their journey into the world of spies, international intelligence, and on-the-edge action.  There is more than enough suspense to keep you turning these pages.  (5th grade +)

Meet the Author

   Korgi by Christian Slade   ISBN: 978-1-891830-90-7

Consider expanding your imagination with this wordless graphic novel.  If fantasy is one of your favorite genre, then don't miss this woodland fantasy about Ivy and her Korgi cub named Sprout.  A simple day of freedom in the woods leads to many adventures, discoveries, dangers and creatures!  (4th grade +)

Meet the Author/Illustrator

   Larklight by Philip Reeve   ISBN: 1-59990-020-3

Are you ready for an "out of this world" encounter and journey into the farthest reaches of the universe?  Join Art and Myrtle, as well as a few space pirates as they try to save themselves and the entire galaxy.  Be prepared this journey has a narrator, amazingly heroic main characters, and dastardly creatures......it is not for the faint of heart......for there is quit a bit of twists and turns and hillarity that will send you soaring into giggles.  (MS +)

Author Biography 

   Little BrotherX by Cory Doctorow    ISBN: 0-7653-1985-3

When you open this book's cover, you need to hold on because you are in for one wild ride!   We all know that skipping school is not a good idea......yet Marcus believes that he has it under control.  Until terrorists attack San Francisco.  Marcus and his geek friends aren't just busted, they are apprehended and placed into interrogation by Homeland Security.  When they are finally released, the world is not the same.  Can Marcus fight back against a government?  Especially a government out of control.  (HS +)

Meet the Author

   Main Street: The Secret Book Club by Ann M Martin   ISBN: 0-545-13891-4

This is definitely my type of book, one that is mysterious and all about books.  Well not all, but enough to keep me guessing.  What could be better than a daily delivery of books?  Why a mystery to solve of course.  Not only will the girls have to find out who is sending the books, but now they need to discover just what type of friend are they? (5th grade +)

Meet the Author

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