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Sub Plans

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Sub Plans:




Thank you for coming in for me today.  This is a great group who are willing to help in any way.  If there are any challenges, please hold them accountable when necessary.  Leave me a note about any student who was helpful or one that was disruptive.  There is a 3 strike and you're out policy.  If a student receives 3 strikes (verbal warnings from you) for any offense, they are to take their work and go next door to Mrs. VanSoest's room (next door) until the end of the session.


I have an aide whose name is Carol.  She is terrific and knows all the students, as well as my routine and computer cliches.  Feel free to ask her about or for anything.  Mrs. VanSoest is the 5th-6th grade teacher next door and will be helpful with whatever else you might need.


I incorporate a positive reward system in the class that works great:

  • Attention: "Ladies and Gentlemen," then begin a non-verbal 5 finger count down for attention
  • On task behavior is rewarded by telling them, "Thank you, give yourself a pat on the back"

  • Whole group on task behavior is rewarded by telling Rachel to put a handful of beans in the jar

  • Quick, on task, and quiet transitions is rewarded with another handful of beans in the jar


Students can go to the bathroom one at a time.  They are very good and rarely mis-use this privilege.


Helpful students: Rachel, Stephanie, Nicole, Austin


Time: Subject: Directions:
8:20 Bell
  • Students should enter quietly, unpack and begin getting ready for silent reading

** Please turn on the computer, the Elmo, and follow the directions below to have the morning announcements up and ready ***

8:30 SSR
  • Students have a silent reading book and a yellow reading log
  • No talking, out of seat, or bathroom
  • Please remind them to log in at the beginning and log out page number and comments about 5 minutes before the end of session


  • Unit reading & journaling (please see notes in book)
  • Choose students to read boy-teacher-girl-teacher.......
  • Journaling:  skip a line, put today's date, restate question...use 2 supporting details to support their thoughts/connections/I Wonders/Ah-ha's

Vocab/ Spelling

  • Handout the forms
  • Remind them to put their name on the form
  • Students correct with a different color as you read answers
  • Score the page with: #right/total
  • This is an independent activity, please collect the pages
10:20 Grammar
  • Handout the forms
  • Remind them to put their name on the form
  • Students correct with a different color as you read answers
  • Score the page with: #right/total
  • This is an independent activity, please collect the pages
10:30 Writing
  •  They have a black/white theme book for writing
  • There are extra items in the writing folder and sub folder next to the file cabinet if needed
  • Present lesson (see handouts) and then they write 10 min. without taking their pencil from the paper....they can sketch in the margins if they are stuck or they should be writing a symbol until a new thought comes to mind 
11:25 Lunch Prep
  • Ask students to find a stopping place
  • To please put away their things
  • Stand and push in their chairs
  • You can excuse them as they are making eye contact and waiting quietly

Lunch &

Your Prep

  • Yahoo!  You can look through the afternoon materials or find something to explore
  • On the computer you can check out my wiki site for any down time needs:  http://mrskbooks.pbwiki.com
  • The staff usually arrives in the office for lunch by 12:00...there's a latte machine 8^)
  • Some students stay in when I'm here, you do not need to keep them



for 8th

  • Rose Spellman will go next door for lower math instruction
  • 7th grades will not return, they are meeting with Carol on the stage for math
  • 8th graders will be working on a self-study program for algebra
  • They can work together as long as they are using only whisper voices
  • If they are not on task, they must move back to their assigned seats
  • 1:00 they can go for a walk around the track (one time) and return to quietly working ( please stand on the boardwalk to supervise)





  • Text book pages are marked
  • Whole group reading, stopping to discuss areas of interest
  • Please pass out handouts once, remind them to put their names on them
  • Students should be working quietly as they begin homework questions
  • Please remind them to restate the question and support their thoughts with 2 examples from their text reading
  • At 2:10:  Ask students to get ready for sign language..... Wed: in class  Thurs-Fri: in computers
  • If this is a Thursday or Friday: Students must get back packs ready to go home; they need to realign their desks on tape marks; they pick up any garbage off the floor; and they put their chairs up; once they make eye contact with you.....you can ask them to line-up outside.  Alex will lead them into the computers.



  • Wednesdays are in the classroom, Thurs-Fri they head into the computer room for online practice ( their computer seating is listed at the back of the clip board and/or lesson book)
  • Group A goes on the computers for the first 15 minutes then Group B
  • The sign language wiki icon is already on the computers for them to practice with  http://mrskbooks.pbwiki.com/Sign-Lanuage-101  
  • Those who are not on the computers will either be practicing an assignment with their partners or they can sit quietly and watch someone else at the computers, please monitor
  • Voices should be no louder than a whisper......if they are too loud ask them to move to the tables...... if the whole group is out of control, take them back to the classroom and have them silent read





Shut down
  • If you are in the computer lab, ask students to turn off the computers
  • They should be sitting quietly as they wait for end of the day announcements
  • If you are in the classroom, follow the procedures listed at the end of History 8^)
  • Walk out with them to the buses


Opening: Please turn on the computer and log in (wthfr).  Turn on the Elmo overhead.  On the computer you will need to click on the "Quicktime Player"......then File, Open URL, OkTurn on the speakers and music will play.  The announcement screen will be displayed.  Announcements come on around 8:25.  If the screen is showing a message = double click the Func & F8 key.


Seating Charts:  Are located at the back of the lesson plan book and at the back of the clip board


Once again, thank you for coming in.  Please leave me any concerns or comments that might better serve you the next time you are here.


MrsK (Kim) Shealy 






"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends:

they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,

and the most patient of teachers."  Charles W. Eliot





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