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Dyslexia and Neuropsychological evaluations

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 Arboretum Psychological Services is an informal association of independent psychologists with specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental, emotional and behavioral problems. Evaluation and treatment services are comprehensive, practical and tailored to meet the needs of each client. Evaluations may include assessment of cognitive, academic, memory, attention, behavioral and emotional functioning. Treatment approaches may include cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and interpersonal therapy techniques.


When is neuropsychological evaluation helpful?

Referring for a neuropsychological evaluation is warranted when a child or teen:

• doesn’t want to go to school and you can’t identify any obvious stressor (e.g. separation anxiety, peer problems, depression.)
• doesn’t seem to "hold on" to new information, even with repetition and reminders.
• resists learning to read and reading for pleasure.
• is very distractible and usually needs your help to finish homework.
• completes homework independently but takes much longer than his or her peers.
• seems to do o.k. until expectations for organization at school increase (e.g. third grade, middle school, high school.)
• has trouble keeping up with assignments, turning in homework, and remembering things that he or she needs.
• has trouble with rote memory (e.g. addition and subtraction.)
• is articulate yet has trouble putting thoughts on paper.
• has great difficulty organizing long term projects and essays and usually waits until the last minute.
• does well on homework assignments then fails tests.
• seems very bright but he or she seems to work hard for mediocre grades.
• makes comments like "I’m stupid."
• is so frustrated and defensive about schoolwork that your relationship with him or her is suffering.


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